Moving 101: 5 Things You Don’t Want to Know About Your House When It’s for Sale


Synonyms for the word include: Neutrality. Detachment. Indifference.

And if you’re human, these are all things that you might genuinely be lacking when your house is on the market.

In the end, any potential buyer who’s considering a move to your house simply wants a clean slate and the chance to start afresh. So how does that translate into helping you close the deal?


Here are 5 things you probably don’t want to hear when your house is for sale, but they’re still important to recognize:

  1. Your house smells funny. Maybe it’s the lingering scents in the kitchen or the pet stains on the carpet, but whatever the cause, it’s time to make your house smell strictly clean and fresh. Find the source — e.g., kitty litter in the laundry room, carpet and drapes from someone who smokes, the extra wardrobe with all your college sweaters … and then remove and/or deep clean it. (For more ideas on the power of scents to sell your home, visit our post from fall, 2020.) After that, keep circulating fresh air to quell any lingering scents.
  2. Clutter causes stress. While you know you’re still in the middle of that one project, and that you’re planning to organize those messy closets, all a prospective homebuyer sees is one thing: your stuff. And lots of it. Go through your house with a ruthless eye for details, and clear or reduce any needless clutter by boxing it up or giving it away.
  3. Your bathroom(s) should look like nobody lives there. Naturally that’s not the case, but the last thing a prospective buyer wants to consider is that anybody actually uses the bathroom in your house. Focus on minimal décor, no bath mats, and only a couple of hand towels, so it’s easier for buyers to picture themselves in a new place.
  4. The mess in your yard makes it seem like you don’t care about your home. Although nothing could be further from the truth, a prospective buyer wants to see evidence of how you’ve done an excellent job of caring for your home’s exterior. Yes, first impressions and curb appeal do matter, so take time to tidy up the lawn, weed the flower bed, and put away the kids’ and pets’ toys.
  5. Your dirty shoes and laundry are gross. Again, thinking about a new space and a clean slate is all a prospective buyer actually wants. So, clear out the visible places where you stash shoes and laundry.

For more tips to keep in mind as you. sell, check out the full list from Staging HQ and True Design House.

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