The Stress-Free Housewarming: Party Tips to Keep it Simple

housewarming partyIf you’re thinking about moving soon or you’ve just recently moved in to a new city or a fresh place, then hosting a housewarming party to meet the new neighbors and invite other friends in the area could be in your future.


Like anything, a bit of advanced planning helps to streamline an event. What are some other helpful tips to keep in mind? We’ve got you covered.


  1. Determine your guest list.

Think about whom you’d love to see just a few weeks after you’ve moved in to your new place. Is it friends from work? Your old neighborhood? Extended family? New neighbors you’d like to get to know better? Craft your guest list with connections in mind to blend old and new. To avoid invitations getting lost in the snail mail shuffle, try sending an Evite or text with the details.


  1. Decide on a theme.

Try to incorporate a theme for the party that you weave throughout the event, from the invitations to the food to the decorations. A Hawaiian luau? Passport to new adventures? Sports-theme? A certain upcoming holiday or local festival? Summer picnic? You can determine this in part based on whether the party will be held indoors or outside, is more casual or formal, includes kids or only grown-ups, or daytime or evening.


  1. Choose the menu.

Again, working within the theme you’ve chosen, determine what type of food you’ll be serving and start planning the recipes with a grocery list or try to contact a reliable, local caterer. You could even get creative with a signature mocktail for every guest upon arrival, based on local or state-wide flair.


  1. Relax and enjoy.

Put in the planning and hard work in advance, and be sure to enjoy your guests as you move about the party on the big day. There’s no need to fully decorate your new space. You don’t even have to unpack all the way. Everyone will understand and extend grace since you will have just moved in to your new home.


As always, whenever you need help to plan your next move or you wish to unleash even more household creativity and hospitable options in a new neighborhood, Beltmann would love to be a part of your moving and storage needs. Simply contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate and a contactless quote.