What to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel: Technology Trends to Watch

kitchen remodelRenovating can feel like a bit of a chore at times with all of the decisions that need to be made at once. However, it’s typically an easier and less expensive option than trying to move or relocate. Plus when it’s time to focus on updates to the heart of the home, the kitchen, there are a ton of “fun new toys” you could think about trying to incorporate.


Keeping an eye on technology and design trends is always a good idea for you to consider — both for the practical, timeless notion of resale, but also so you don’t personally feel like you need another massive overhaul in the next three to five years. Or worse, you suddenly wish you could move to the “ideal home” with a better kitchen than yours.


With that in mind, here’s our short list of what to consider before you begin any kitchen remodeling project.


Built-in bowls for the animals.

Your dog and/or cat will love you for the convenience of their meals, and you’ll have a clean, crisp place to feed them — and hopefully tuck away whenever you’re entertaining company. No more fear of guests kicking over the water dish if it’s impossible to find under the cabinets (when not in use).


The spice drawer.

A tiny discreet cabinet or built-in drawer is a fabulous option to keep all of your spice jars in one simple, neat place.


Big, oversized drawers.

No need to hang pots or collections from the ceiling. Rather, opt for some oversized cabinet drawers to accommodate all of your fancy cookware.


Refrigerated drawers.

Who needs to worry about vegetables souring or turning brown early sitting on the counter if you’ve got plenty of cold storage available?


The multi-purpose island.

The larger the island, the more you can accomplish! Perfect for busy families trying to scoot out the door in the morning, or adjacent to a living room whenever you’re entertaining guests.


Hidden appliances.

Finding a way to keep appliances off the counters and behind cabinet doors has been the goal all along. When you move them in to extra built-in cabinets to accompany a coffee pot, mixer, the blender, etc., you no longer have to fight that battle.


At Beltmann, we’d love to help you prepare for any upcoming moving and storage needs, whether that’s merely across town or a full interstate relocation. Or for a short-term storage project like your kitchen overhaul. Just contact us for a free contactless quote, and we’d be happy to help walk you through the process.