Living Room Do’s and Don’ts

living roomWondering where you can make a huge first impression in your home? The living room is a multi-function room that could involve anything from entertaining guests to studying a cozy book to napping or doing homework. Living Rooms certainly play an important part of any family, whether that’s more formal or casual for you.


What does it take to make the living room come alive? There are some key design elements to bear in mind. Here’s our take on what to Do and Not Do in designing a beautiful Living Room.


DON’T: Have too many tables.

Be sure that guests and family members will have enough table space for placing a drink or a snack.


DO: Offer seats near some table space, anywhere in the room.

To help foster some community for your guests, try to keep each space near a table. If it feels crowded, another option is to add a vintage-looking clear coffee table — for the best of both worlds. A shorter “garden” table is always another option near the sofa.


DON’T: Make it too uncomfortable to have a conversation.

Offering a place for friends and family members to sit and have a face-to-face chat is key for any living room.


DO: Arrange natural seating areas.

Friendly conversational areas remain the goal, especially when you have company. Keep the focus on making it easy to have a discussion.


DON’T: Let the rug underwhelm the room.

If you don’t have the right-size rug, furniture can appear clunky instead of well-appointed and proportionate in size. Don’t have extra sofa or table legs off the rug.


DO: Make sure you have an area rug that’s appropriate for the room.

Keep the furniture balanced on the rug — or try moving it to another room. Furniture should be centered, and if it doesn’t fit, the rug is too small.


DON’T: Line up all the furniture on the wall.

Nobody likes the room to feel like a high school gym. It’s also OK to move things around a few times to find a look you enjoy.


DO: Pull the furniture off the wall.

Try to “float” a few pieces off the wall and move some chairs and tables away from the wall as well.


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