Can Scents Help Sell Your Home? The Power of A Smell

Did you know that certain smells have the power to improve our mood and boost productivity? And for many people, the beauty of fall evokes warm memories of sweet and savory scents.

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Whether it’s your house, your skin care line, or your body care, science shows there is power in the sense of smell. Likewise, our mood has even been shown to influence creativity, as people in a positive mood tend to exhibit higher levels of creativity than those in a bad mood. Odors can also produce the same effects. According to Scientific American, “when people were exposed to an odor they liked, creative problem solving was better than it was when they were exposed to an unpleasant odor condition.”

Not only can your house scent improve your mood, it might even help you sell your home. While bad smells can keep buyers at bay, a good smell can lead buyers to a sale. So look for ways to trigger positive emotions that might elicit a positive buyer response.

Before crafting your “scent-sational” selling strategy, remember to start by eliminating the source of any foul-smelling odors. (Buyers are savvy enough to know when you’re covering something up!) And if you’re not smelling anything, consider asking a friend to weigh in with their opinion.

A 2013 study from Washington State University recommends choosing one of these 5 clean, simple and fresh scents in the home:

  • Citrus fruits — like lemons and oranges — have a good “clean” scent to them.
  • Think fresh and familiar like rosemary, thyme, or basil.
  • Simply put, it makes a room feel cozy!
  • Green Tea. Refreshes the mind and restores harmony.
  • Evoking calm and peaceful sentiments, it’s especially nice during the holidays.

As you determine which scent works best for your home, take a cue from your location. For example, you might try pine and cedar for a house in the woods, but not at the beach.

Once you’ve decided which scent to use, the next step is to determine the method of delivery. Candles, potpourri, actual baked goods or plug-in diffusers all make great options to help elevate your mood, boost creativity, and possibly even motivate a buyer in your home.