International Moving: United Nations

Beltmann Moving and Storage offers the expertise to negotiate with overseas suppliers and carriers to achieve cost-effective, reliable shipment options.

As your duty station or assignment takes you overseas, choose the company with vast expertise in international supply chain negotiation—Beltmann Moving and Storage. From any mission, origin or destination, our professional service will manage your door-to-door shipment in the worlds’ most remote of locations. We assist with every aspect of the international household moving experience to ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation for you and your family.

We will negotiate with overseas suppliers and carriers to provide a cost-effective, full-service quotation that is specific to your shipment requirements. Also, we provide you with necessary information to clear customs and receive your goods at destination.

Contact us today regarding your international moving needs at 1-866-536-1130. For more information on how we can schedule a free in-home survey and quotation, email us at:
Graeme Riser
International Sales Representative
United Nations

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