How to Make a Stress-Free Move: Keys to Maintaining Mental Health

Experts tell us moving can be among the more stress-inducing life events because there are so many decisions to be made. So take advantage of some tried-and-true secrets to maintain your mental health, even in the midst of a move or major change.

A stress free move with Beltmann Moving and Storage

  1. Let people know how to reach you.

Get the word out via email or text to close friends and family. And, consider forwarding your mail earlier than your actual move, so it has time to arrive at the new place. As a back-up plan, you might even leave some Self-Addressed stamped envelopes with an address to your new place, in case some mail slips through the cracks. (Here’s a helpful list to remember all the places to update your new address.)

  1. It’s OK to hire some help.

Keep the friend, and ditch the big favor. (You also won’t owe them one in return.) Once you’re adulting, it’s perfectly alright to not ask friends to help with every aspect of your move. Professional cleaning services and moving companies are worth their weight in gold. Instead of paying for a friend’s physical therapy, plan a goodbye party to celebrate new beginnings, or host a housewarming party to help them see the new place.

  1. Lists, lists, and more — lists are your friend.

Check out our timeline for lists of what to plan and pack, and when. Plan your details in advance — from scheduling an elevator to arranging pet or childcare to thinking through what to pack in the “first night” box to have on hand, once you arrive in your new home.

  1. Ditch, donate or deliver.

One bonus of moving is the chance to evaluate your household belongings. For items you know have had limited use in the past year or so, consider what you might want to ditch completely, donate to charity, or deliver to a friend who needs it more than you. By getting rid of some items, you’ll have fewer “things” to occupy your mental list space.

  1. Make whitespace on your calendar.

A month or two before any major move, be intentional about scheduling some downtime. Now’s not the time to take on that extra project at work or volunteer on an new committee for your favorite non-profit. Use the “extra time” to relax, plan something fun, or work ahead on packing so you’ll be more relaxed for the big move-in day.

  1. Feel what you feel.

New chapters in life often bring a mix of emotions — from joy and excitement at a fresh start, to sadness or grief over saying goodbye to what’s familiar in the place you’ll leave behind. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to let yourself feel whatever feelings come to light. Knowing that the transition period is temporary might give you perspective and help in moving forward. Processing and feeling our emotions is part of how we experience a very full life. Treat yourself with the same kindness and care that you would treat a friend in your shoes.

If you’re ready to take that next step and call a mover, we’d love to be considered in your decision. You can call or visit our website for a free quote.