Check That List: Top 10 Places to Update Your New Address 

Not only is making a move a big change for you and yours, it’s also significant for everyone who tries to connect with you moving forward.

And just because an organization or service doesn’t regularly send you snail mail, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to stay updated with your new residence!

Beltmann Moving and Storage, Change of address checklist

With that in mind, here is a helpful checklist of places to update with any change of address:

  1. The U.S. Post Office. This can be done in-person or online — and if you like coupons, keep in mind that the online option comes with tons of money-saving offers.
  2. Your local DMV. Check your (new) state’s website to see how many days you have to make this change. Most states require an update in writing, within 10 to 30 days of moving to avoid a citation.
  3. Voter registration. Depending on your new location, you might tackle both issues at once when you change your address at the DMV.
  4. Your bank and any credit card companies. Even if you strictly bank online, be sure that your address is current in case the bank needs to send any official materials or privacy notices to you.
  5. Utilities services. Gas, electricity, water, cable, and Internet companies are all happy to take your payment, but don’t expect them to find you for a service call if you haven’t updated your address information.
  6. Insurance companies. Home, auto, life, and medical all need to know how to bill you or send a refund through the mail.
  7. Your employer, if you work outside the home. Not only does this matter for tax purposes or paycheck and benefit stubs, but fun, too, if you’ve ever gotten a card or a care package in the mail!
  8. Healthcare and veterinary professionals. Doctors’ offices, pharmacists and vets want to keep their records current for years to come. (Remember if you have a pet with a micro-chip to update the national registry!)
  9. Online shopping & retail services. From Amazon to Costco, include them in your list for future coupons, order shipments and/or promotions.
  10. Schools and places of worship. From a child’s school to a student loan company to your place of faith, help them stay in touch with an update on where best to reach you.

By planning ahead, you’ll help reduce the chance of sending your personal mail to the new homeowner or tenant who moved into your old place!