When to Say Goodbye to Your Old House

If you’re settled in your current house and you absolutely love your neighborhood, the thought of moving may leave a bad taste in your mouth. A Kansas City mover can help with the process and ensure a smooth transition. But before you get to this point, you might weigh the pros and cons of moving.

Perhaps you have the best neighbors, the best school district and a perfectly decorated home. But after several years, you may outgrow the house. Not sure whether to move? Here are three clues that say it’s time to move.

1. Arguments over space. Everyone needs a little breathing room – a place to unwind. But if you live in cramped quarters, alone time can be scarce. Arguments can easily erupt when family members spend too much time together. With extra space, everyone can retreat to their separate corners and decompress.

2. No storage space. Are you at capacity? Do your closets overflow? Do you have a storage unit? Too many personal items and not enough space is a major headache. Everyone accumulates stuff over the years, and without enough storage space, your house can become a big cluttered mess.

3. Flushing money down the toilet. Maybe you’re a renter and tired of wasting money each month. If you’ve worked hard to improve your credit and save your money, why not buy your own place? Owning offers stability, and with no more rent increases, you can enjoy predictable monthly payments.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @DianaParkhouse via the Creative Commons license.)