What to Expect When Moving Your Office

Making a move across state-lines with your business can be scary and a little overwhelming. The most immediate thought, is what if no one else follows me? What if I fail? How do I adjust?

Take a step back and consider the following options, before, during, and after moving:
1. You are not alone. You did just bring an entire with you. This means that there are many people working around you who are also adjusting to a scenic change and a new lifestyle. While this may at first seem like a negative thing, it is a resource. Focus your move-in time (at the start) on welcoming this change with and for others, so when it gets difficult, which it will, employees can reach out to each other and operate as a team, and not lose faith in the company that brought them here too.

2. Be Willing to Admit When You Make a Bad Decision

New moves mean new addresses, new clients, new dial-up networks, new clothes for new climates with new people…there is so much new to choose from, there will be a time when you might make the wrong decision for your company. Do not back-track. Do not regret or deny it. Learn from it, and be honest with yourself and workers when a choice goes wrong.

3. Be Willing to Have Group Meetings

Have meetings where everyone’s voices are heard, and you can work as the facilitator. Since you are the boss, it is your job to work to ensure unity amongst staff members and to alleviate concerns that could get in the way of them doing their job properly.

4. Don’t Compare

You can, and you will, but it won’t give you new answers to tackle new problems…it can give you perspective on your past behavior, but don’t let the “way things were,” take you away from building things as how you want them to run now.

5. When You Do Compare (even though you promised you wouldn’t)

Locate what’s different and then work to make an action plan to change situations to work in the way you imagined they can or will.

6. Find a Mover, Seriously

Your job on move-in day is to have your phone in working order and your email up and running, and to answer all of those pressing concerns while someone else who’s job and practice it is to move, moves for you with their best work.
Kansas City Movers has been in the moving business for over sixty-five years and will be more than happy to assist you in all logistical plans, and to the moving itself (from a 10 person office, to a 3,000 person corporation). Let them do what they do best.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @clubjuggler via the Creative Commons license.)