What to Do with Moving Boxes

After a Kansas City mover unpacks your house, empty boxes may clutter your new space. Getting these boxes out your house is no doubt a priority, and you probably can’t wait until trash day. But don’t move so fast.

Trash men haul away countless empty boxes from people who’ve recently moved into new homes. There is, however, a better way to deal with unwanted boxes. People move everyday of the week, and boxes are often hard to come by. Moving and storage facilities sell boxes, as well as office supply stores. But who wants to pay $2 per box?

There is a better approach. Donate – or if you prefer, sell – your empty boxes to those planning an upcoming move. Place a short classified ad on Craigslist and you’re guaranteed to have a few takers. Sure, it’s probably quicker and less of an inconvenience to place boxes at the curb. But if recycle the boxes, you’ll be doing the environment and someone else a big favor.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @z287marc via the Creative Commons license.)