Taking Care of Your House in the Fall

BBAfter last year’s harsh winter, the spring and summer probably felt a little too short for most of us. But like it or not, fall is upon us. Time for hooded sweatshirts, bonfires with friends, and the turning of the leaves. Your Milwaukee movers will take care of all the moving logistics for you. But when it comes to fall house maintenance, you’re on your own! Here’s a few tips to keep your house in order while the autumn leaves are falling.

Beware of falling tree limbs and foliage on the roof. Everyone knows that stuffed gutters are a sure-fire way to cause problems during the heavy winter weather. But removing fallen branches or tree limbs is also vital. A large branch could cause problems with the integrity of your roof, causing a leak. Get those branches and leaves off the roof as often as you can during fall.

Work the thermostat to save some extra money. Fall is a great time to save a little on your utilities budget! Those 65 and 70 degree days are the perfect time to shut off the heating and air and open a few windows. Obviously, you have to pay attention to the temperature though. You don’t want to wake up to 45 degree weather with the windows open!

Fertilize the lawn. Many homeowners know to fertilize the lawn in the spring time, but spreading one layer before the ground freezes is also helpful. Using this tactic, the grass obviously won’t grow immediately, but it gives the roots extra time to grow during the winter.

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