Staying Healthy During a Move

For those that are on a regimented diet and fitness plan, having a “cheat day” or a holiday every now and then is common. But being distracted with many tasks on hand that moving to Orange Countycreates is no excuse to forget the dietary and fitness goals you have in mind. Don’t let moving throw you off your fitness game. Here are some tips to help you keep on track with your move and your health.

1. Stay hydrated! Sometimes the body can confuse thirst for being hungry, and your body is tricked into thinking it needs food instead of water. Even if you aren’t doing the heavy lifting during your move, you’ll still probably get active enough to break a sweat. If you end up sweating you’ll need to replace the water in your body. If you’re one of those who don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, try adding some lemon, lime, or orange juice to liven up your water. If you would like the more “green” option, many reusable water containers have a filtration device that filters your water as you drink. That way you can fill up you container anywhere without fear.

2. Keep some healthy snacks on hand. There’s nothing worse than working all day and forgetting to eat, leaving you ravenous and ready to scarf down the nearest bag of potato chips in sight. This overly hungry state can lead you to overeating at your next meal. To avoid getting overly hungry, keep some healthy snacks on hand. Choose something that’s easily portable and non-perishable, but that’s in line with your dietary goals.

3. Remember, lifting/moving boxes is good exercise! As you carry boxes up stairs and through your house, think about the health benefits of doing this lifting. Think of it as a fitness goal or a competition. This might be the motivation you need to help you complete your move.

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