Springtime Events for St. Paul

Beltmann Relocation Group

It’s hard to think of spring being “sprung” when you still have chilly temperatures outside. But as you’ll soon find out, relocating to St. Paul doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Here are some fun activities and events you can do with your family when your St. Paul movers get you settled into your new home.


Minnesota Twins Baseball Game

April 7th marks the first home game of the season for the Twins, and there’s nothing that can compete with how much fun you can have rooting on your favorite baseball team. Concessions at a Twins game are something you might have missed over the long winter, and now you can enjoy them once again.


Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice

The newest exhibit at the Minnesota Children’s Museum features three distinct sections, featuring environments that were native to these ancient creatures. There is a section for warm dinosaur environment called “Land of Fire,” and a cold dinosaur environment called “Land of Ice,” as well as a field station to explore how dinosaurs are researched and found. If the weather is still a bit too chilly for you, this is guaranteed to be a fun time for the entire family.


Bird Watching Trek

If the not so warm springtime weather doesn’t bother you and you want to get outside and explore your new home of St. Paul, check out the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife refuge for a bird watching tour. Even if you’re not an avid bird watcher, this is a great learning opportunity and a relaxing activity.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @RangerRick via the Creative Commons license.)