Spring Cleaning: Tips For Making Your House Spotless

A Kansas City mover can unpack boxes, but it was up to you to organize your home. Now that it’s spring, you may need a deep cleaning. Take these 20 tips for making your house as spotless as possible.

1. Start with the walls. They do carry dust and need wiped down.
2. Do a thorough dusting that includes the tops of ceiling fans, frames of windows and pictures, and tops of tall furniture.
3. Take the cushions of your furniture outside and beat them to remove dust. Be sure to vacuum in the creases of the couch and chairs with a narrow attachment tool.
4. Take the books off the shelves and dust them.
5. Vacuum the carpets then shampoo with a hot-water extraction machine.
6. Polish the wooden furniture with a soft cloth.
7. Take down window treatments and wash them according to the tag directions.
8. Wipe blinds with a damp cloth.
9. Clean, then wax or polish floors depending on the surface type.
10. Turn over the mattresses. Move and vacuum under the bed.
11. Clean electronics with appropriate cloths and specially made cleaners.
12. Defrost the freezer. Take out all the contents then wipe down the inside.
13. Disconnect the power then vacuum the coils on the refrigerator.
14. Empty the fridge and wipe it out with a mild detergent.
15. Wipe down the cabinets, front of the stove, and the hood with a degreaser.
16. Tackle the closets. Separate things you use from things you haven’t used for years. Donate all unneeded items.
17. Move outside and wash the windows.
18. Sweep and clean the porch free from cobwebs and debris.
19. Scrub outdoor furniture for the new summer season.
20. Organize your cleaning supplies and replace anything you depleted.

You’ll feel like your home is in tip top shape after a full cleaning like this.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @internetsense via the creative common license)