Showerheads: How to Choose the Best One

What to Look For in a Showerhead

best showerhead

Many of us probably don’t think about our showerheads too much, but if you’ve just moved in, are going to list your home soon, or you’re in the middle of a bathroom remodel, the topic of showerheads could become more top of mind. Most people don’t know which particular showerhead is the best one on the market, so here are some questions to ask yourself as you make this decision.


The first question to consider is, which type of shower do you regularly take? One where you like to fully get your hair wet, one that offers flexibility to keep your hair dry, one with the most consistent water pressure, or one that lets you spray the far corners of the shower or potentially spray the shower floor from an adjusted height.


Depending on how you answer these could affect which showerhead is right for you.


Rain: This is the ultimate luxury shower, as they are much wider than your standard showerhead. If you love to immerse yourself in the shower on a regular basis, then this might be one to try. They typically spray water straight down, designed to feel like heavy, soothing rainfall, and they can either be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. One factor that could make a rain showerhead less appealing to you is if you usually have a few days a week where you prefer not to get your hair wet. In that case, a handheld unit might suffice.


Handheld: If you’re looking for more control over where (and frankly, when) the shower sprays, a handheld showerhead might be the best solution. There’s usually a long, flexible hose — and with a certain clip, hand-held showers can also act as a fixed showerhead. One potential downside is that this style might feel a little bit clunky if it’s in a minimalist or smaller shower. One added advantage is if you’re bathing a dog that moves around a lot or helping to wash a small child, you can shampoo and rinse them with ease.


Fixed: For a more “streamlined” approach (literally and figuratively), fixed showerheads tend to be more reliable with consistent water pressure that doesn’t require many additional bells and whistles. The no-frills approach can install in the wall or the ceiling. One aspect to bear in mind is that a “fixed” showerhead doesn’t necessarily mean non-adjustable. Some have flexible necks and swivel heads that let you change the pressure and settings of the spray intensity.


Dual: Literally the best of both worlds for many people, dual showerheads have the mobility of a handheld unit paired with the stronger stream and water pressure of a fixed showerhead. One spray element goes directly into the wall and another spray component moves with a long, flexible shower hose.


One option when you’re in the market for a showerhead is to shop (in person or online) based on the installation location. Whether you need a wall-mount or a ceiling-mount for your existing unit can impact the inventory and availability.


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