Patio Decorating on a Budget

Summer’s in the air, and the joy of outdoor relaxing and entertaining is kicking into full gear, especially in a (nearly) post-COVID world. Wondering about some great ways to take advantage of your backyard space?

HGTV has compiled a list of 40 beautiful, budget-friendly ways to decorate your patio or porch. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Ground cover. There is an abundance of indoor-outdoor area rugs for sale at affordable prices, or you can even make your own by painting a basic rug! Keep it simple and neutral so you can change out the rest of your décor from spring through the fall.
  • Curtains call. Breezy privacy adds to the exclusive feel of your private outdoor oasis. For a grander upgrade, go for some amazing-looking hardware to seal the deal.
  • Bring out the old. Repurpose, recycle, or re-use vintage or antique artwork and trade signs for a casual, laid-back vibe. (And it doesn’t hurt that larger frames might also increase your privacy!)
  • Shatterproof your plates. Add some cheap melamine dishes — however fun or funky — to bring out the season’s best designs and all the summer vacation feels.
  • Plants are your friend. Using a variety of plants that require little water and little maintenance can help you incorporate another cost-effective element into your patio. Stick with succulents, grasses, and evergreen vines for a gorgeous contrast in color and texture.
  • Hack your front porch. This one is especially great for anyone with a slight competitive streak. Try hacking your front porch greenery with some faux flowers for a completely Pinterest-worthy look!
  • Stooling away. Grab some garden stools for multi-purpose seating, a plant stand, or a side table! Bonus if it’s whimsical and fun.
  • Light it up. Create some beautiful DIY luminaries by poking decorative holes into painted tin cans. Just add a tea light or a votive candle, and enjoy!

For more inspiration, check out HGTV’s original post.