Moving 101: What to do before you move in?

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time. It can also feel like an endless to-do list. Long before you set foot in the new place, here’s a checklist with a few reminders to complete before you make your next move.

  1. Schedule new utilities. This includes electricity, heat/ gas, water, garbage collection, Internet, and (if you want it) cable or satellite TV. If you’re buying a new place, you might need to navigate with the city for services to ensure that there’s no major disruption from the current resident and that your services won’t begin until after the closing date.
  2. Do a deep clean. This is never easier to do than when nobody lives there! Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional is up to you. A good service would probably run somewhere between $125-$200, depending on where you live.
  3. Change the locks. This is an essential safety measure, though it can’t be done until after you have closed. If there is a security or garage code, be sure you know how that can be re-set to a personal number, too.
  4. Update insurance. Whether you rent or buy your next home, make sure you have adequate coverage in place.
  5. Tackle major home renovations and/or repairs. If you’ve got the budget for any updates, consider making them happen before move-in day — when it’s easier to navigate around fewer people and no furniture.
  6. Childproof your house. From adding child-proof locks to tweaking cabinet door handles, to safer paint (VOC-free) in the bedrooms, this again is easier to do sans excess people and without all of your belongings.
  7. Update Your address and forward your mail. Check out our list of Top 10 Places to update your new address to help you stay connected after you’re in your new digs.

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