Mental Health and Your Move

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who actually enjoys the process of moving, but what might surprise you is a recent British study showed most people rank moving as life’s most stressful event, even more stressful than divorce. While there’s no magic formula to completely remove the strain, here are some tips which can help you keep your sanity!

As our house begins to look more like a stockroom, reserve at least one “safe space” in your home that remains free of packing materials and the chaos moving brings. When you feel overwhelmed by the to-do lists, retreat to your haven (no matter how tiny it may be!) for a quick reprieve. On a similar note, keep an area reserved for kiddos which provides normalcy- access to toys, games, etc.

Keep family pictures up until right before the move. Research has proven numerous benefits to displaying family photographs, including stronger self-esteem and sense of belonging for children and even a greater ability to process and self-soothe pain after viewing images of loved ones. Why not reap those benefits as long as possible before relocating?  Then once you’re in your new location, make your photographs one of the first things to be unpacked.

Consider attending a yoga class regularly. Yoga is widely recognized as an effective method for reducing stress; both heart rate and blood pressure can be drastically lowered. And many of the lessons learned in a yoga class transfer easily to life outside of the studio. For example, try taking special note of the breathing techniques (or pranayama) used while on your mat. As the stressers of moving threaten to creep back in once you’ve left class, you can remind yourself to enjoy nasal breathing, avoid chest and mouth breathing, and count the seconds of your exhale in order to calm your mind.

One of the best things you can do for your mental health during the moving process is to hire professionals you can trust, and there’s no better choice than Beltmann! Give us a call and let us remove some of the burdens moving brings.