Kitchen Renovations That Will Pay Off

Beltmann KitchenLooking to get a nice price out of the sale of your home? Your realtor might suggest a few upgrades in order to squeeze out a better asking price. If so, here’s a few ways you can make that kitchen – which are famous for helping sells homes – sparkle just a little bit more.

Opening up the space. Many buyers are looking for a home with an open floor plan. Folks who entertain a lot will want to see that open concept, especially between the kitchen and the main living space(s). Opening up a wall or two, if possible, can go a long way. Or even a cabinet, if it’s blocking the open view to the living space, can be removed to make a big difference.

Faucets and countertops. Obviously, when doing upgrades you’ll want to keep costs low so you get more in the payoff. But consider the comparable homes that buyers are going to be looking at when shopping for homes. Do the comps have granite countertops, or no? It’s probably best to be right in line with your competition. That way your house shows well, but you’re not over-doing it on renovation expenses.

Appliances. It sure is hard to buy brand new appliances and then leave them when you sell your home. But again, consider your competition. If competing, similar homes have new appliances, you’re going to want to as well. And even if you decide you don’t want to leave appliances (which you’ll have to tell potential buyers), nice new appliances sure make a kitchen show a lot better. Dingy old stoves and refrigerators give off bad vibes.

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