How to Throw a Great Going Away Party

Before you and your Milwaukee movers make the trek to your new home, you might want to say goodbye to your family and friends so you can have a great lingering memory of your nearest and dearest until you see them again. Here are a few things to infuse into your fiesta to make it an occasion worth remembering.

Guest Book

Much like a high school yearbook, your guest book is a great way to have your friends’ words written in ink so you can bring them with you to the next chapter in your life and recall them fondly whenever you please. All you need is a plain notebook, which can be stylized if you wish, along with a marker. Leave the book in the middle of the room and ask your guests to sign it before they leave.

Photo Booth

You may want to get a Polaroid camera or a few disposable cameras that you can leave in one corner of the room. Have your guests take pictures of themselves alone and with you, so that you’ll have a whole album of keepsakes.


While you’ll be able to talk to your guests well after you move, your going away party may be the last time you get to address everyone at once. Plan a toast (or improvise if that’s your style), where you can portray your gratitude for their love and friendship while expressing the sentiment that while you may be gone, your bond with them forever remains.

Party Favors

You can hand out party favors to all of your guests before they depart. A good idea is to get a wallet-sized picture of you and your family in a stylish frame. You may also choose to give something practical such as a pocket knife or a keychain flashlight.