How to Move in the Middle of Winter: 7 Key Tips

Tips From Our Expert Moversmoving in the winter

Moving during any season can feel like a massive undertaking. Naturally, moving in the middle of winter can feel particularly daunting.


However, it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve planned ahead and made the most out of the situation. Whether you’ve got a new job, military transfer orders, or you’re simply taking on added adventures in the new year, moving into a new home during winter can be easily accomplished if you follow our survival tips.


  1. Plan, plan, plan. This is true for moving during any season, but always applicable during winter. Make sure you book any professional services and movers well in advance to maximize the flexibility you need. One added advantage to moving in the winter is that it’s not peak season for most moving companies, so there could be more availability on their calendar.


  1. Purge like crazy. Take advantage of the post-holiday clean-up energy, and donate, sell, or toss all the clutter and things you no longer need or want. Another suggestion is to move any off-season clothes/gear into short-term storage, while you finish your packing or list your home for sale. For more ideas, check out this previous post on how to successfully de-clutter before you move.


  1. Check the weather. And keep checking. If you’re moving into a colder climate, you’ll need to think flexibly in case of any weather delays. Even if you’re moving into a warmer climate, there could still be weather delays, due to canceled flights or winter storms in other parts of the country. Find out in advance how your movers intend to deal with storms, snow, or ice delays.


  1. Prep your home(s) for the weather. Clear away any snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalks to make moving out (and in) much easier. Turn on the heat in the new place so that first, your pipes won’t freeze and second, your movers will be a little more comfortable going in and out. And then, be sure to turn off the heat in the “moving out” home, before you leave for the day.


  1. Keep daylight hours in mind. For shorter daylight hours in the U.S., consider that it will likely be dark by approximately 5 p.m. in many parts of the country. Remember this both for your movers’ sake as well as for any travel plans by car or by plane.


  1. Handle plants and pets with care. Neither your furry friends nor your potted plants want to stay out in the cold too long, so make plans for both. Plants might need some added package wrapping, and your pets might need some extra TLC with someone to watch them while you move. In some instances, consider a place to donate house plants if they won’t make the trek.


  1. Keep your cold weather gear handy. Give yourself (and all family members) access to all the winter things you’ll need quickly. Boots, hats, gloves, snow shovels, etc. should all be easily accessible. You might even want to have a pot of coffee or hot chocolate at the ready to help everyone ease into your new home.


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