How to Find Deals and Specials in Kansas City

Once you wave goodbye to your Kansas City moving company, you’ll probably ready to hit the town. After so many moving expenses, you’ll probably be looking for the best way to get out of the house for less. If you’re looking for some budget-friendly things to do in Kansas City, here’s our best lists of tips for finding deals.


1. Even though you’re now considered a local, you can still take advantage of’s ‘Deals and Discounts’ section of their website. Use the e-mail notification feature and receive the latest deals directly. There’s a section for 2-for-1 deals, dine and play, family fun and shopper savings. The site also allows you to search for deals by location, if you want to find something that’s local to your neighborhood.

2. One of the best ways to emerge yourself in the world of deals, is to sign-up for for Kansas City. Pick the categories that you’re interested in and Groupon will send you a daily e-mail with a list of deals that you can take advantage of in your local area.

3. Very similar to, is another deal site that allows you to view deals in the Kansas City area. You can choose to search for deals by viewing the following categories: all deals, activities, families, food and drink, health and beauty, at home or nationwide deals. Also note, there is a tab for ‘escapes’ if you’re looking to travel in the near future.