Freeze! The Smartest Way to Eat Well during Your Move

The weeks leading up to and following your move can take a real toll on your health. A healthy lifestyle is certainly multi-faceted (exercise and quality shut-eye can’t be understated), but diet is often the first to be compromised when time is of the essence and circumstances become stressful. With some forward-thinking and preparation, you and your family’s nutrition won’t take a backseat during the moving process!

The lack of clean up or prep work involved in ordering takeout means drive-thrus and deliveries will be in many family’s repertoires during the moving period, but the absence of essential nutrients combined with a heavy dose of empty calories means if you choose takeout too often, you’ll be left lethargic, and that packing list isn’t going to tackle itself! As soon as it becomes clear your move is a sure thing, plan an afternoon to prep freezer meals. It may seem like adding one more thing to your to-do list right before a move will just be a time suck, but don’t underestimate the comforting and nutritional power of home-cooked meals!

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Make morning mealtime easier by keeping fresh fruit on hand and prepping smoothies days, weeks, or even months in advance. Chopping different fruits and storing them in reusable freezer baggies will make breakfast a breeze. Instead of cookware, multiple plates, and a stove to clean up, a blender and recyclable cups can be taken care of in a flash. Check out these kid-friendly smoothie hacks and recipes from Eatingwell. If the thought of drinking your breakfast sounds less than appetizing, another quick way you can ensure your family is eating right all while keeping the kitchen clean is frozen protein bites. The combinations of these power-packed nibbles are endless, so even the pickiest eater will be happy. Start with these protein bite options, and then get creative and make your own combination. Best of all? There is zero clean up with these babies, so you’ll be back to packing and organizing before you know it.

When it comes to dinner, you can continue to utilize your freezer to make sure you aren’t wasting valuable packing time or cluttering your kitchen before potential buyers come by. Prepping “dump” meals, so-called because you simply thaw and dump the whole bag’s contents in a crockpot, will be a game-changer. Try these simple and delicious recipes for starters, and even after your move you’ll never go back prepping each meal the day you eat it! And of course, when lunch or dinner rolls around next, don’t forget to cash in on leftovers from the night before. By avoiding takeout day after day, you’ll be saving your waistline turmoil and definitely be taking it easier on your wallet.

Moving homes doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice your health. With a crockpot, a blender, and a freezer, you’ll see intentional planning never tasted so good! Planning to make a move with the experts at Beltmann will mean you also won’t be sacrificing on quality service and professionalism.