How to De-Stress Your Life


If you’re reading this, you are probably feeling some nudges from your body or mind to slow down.

If that statement is true, we are glad you are here. The first step to any kind of life change is to acknowledge your reality. For most of us, our reality is that we are over-worked, over-scheduled, over-committed and over-stressed. Our bodies typically deal with the repercussions of us not saying “no” to things and we end up getting sick.

That’s why it’s healthy to start thinking about your boundaries and ways you can live a healthy life style before you crash and burn. So, let’s start with some of the basics. 

De-Stressing means, detangling. Make a list of your top three priorities right now. If things come up throughout the day that don’t align with those things, consider saying no to them. Also create a second list of things that are causing you stress in your life. Separate out what you can control versus what you can’t control. Within the list of things you can control, start sorting out if they are things you can take out of your day.

When you start to feel anxious, worried or over-scheduled – that that as a sign you need to start taking care of yourself.

First, be sure you’re taking care of your health. Schedule time for the gym, be sure you’re drinking lots of water, eating well and finding time to relax. If that seems impossible with the busyness of life, choose one or two and start small.

If you need some ideas on how you can incorporate healthy-living into your schedule, we’ve compiled a list of things that provide stress relief for most people. Take two or three ideas and put them into your schedule weekly. If you schedule these things ahead of time, chances are you will follow through.

Don’t be reactive with stress, be proactive.

  • Take a walk, get out into nature
  • Take a yoga class
  • Download a mediation album
  • Get a back massage
  • Grab lunch with an encouraging friend
  • Exercise
  • Do something creative: paint, color, draw or play an instrument
  • Spend time alone listening to relaxing music
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Take a nap
  • Get away for the weekend
  • Pray
  • Journal
  • Do something new that energizes you

With these tips, we hope you will be on your way to a more happy and healthy schedule in the New Year.