Cut Down on Clutter: Organizing Your Paperwork Fast

No matter how organized you consider yourself, the onslaught of household paperwork has likely threatened your sanity at one time or another. From junk mail to bills to your toddler’s artwork, we know that paper clutter, unless you have a clear cut system for organization, can get out of hand quickly. That’s why we rounded up some systems and items to keep your important documents neat and tidy!

Linen Storage Boxes

When it comes to organization, we often fight the battle between having things nearby and cutting down on visual clutter. It’s true for paperwork, as well, but fabric storage boxes are the perfect compromise. From linen to tweed to wooden boxes, you’ll find these come in multiple sizes, so whether you’re storing grandma’s precious recipe cards or last year’s tax documents, you have plenty of options.

Decorative Wall Organizer

If you’re an out of sight, out of mind person, it might be better if you opt for a paperwork system which keeps things visually close. Wall organizers have come a long way in the aesthetics department, so with ones like we’ve pictured below from Wayfair, your paperwork to-dos will be nearby and look neat and tidy!

Labeled Next Steps

Don’t just relocate your papers; file them in a way that lets you know what needs done with them next. Labels like “ASAP,” “file,” and “unread,” will keep piles from overlapping and give you clear direction when you have a moment to return.

School Memory Box

If you are finding your swimming in school papers, get those items out of the filing cabinet and give them their own memory box. And while this next tip isn’t for everyone, if you’re only quasi-sentimental, you can save yourself from filing any filing by snapping a picture of your kid’s artwork and (secretly) disposing of the physical copy. Hey-you can only fit so many coloring sheets on the fridge.

Mason Jars

For all you shabby chic, farmhouse lovers, this is the paperwork trick you didn’t know you needed. Grab some mason jars and let them be the receptacle for anything that fits—receipts, ticket stubs, you name it. If you don’t like the idea of seeing the contents within, paint your jars with an easy jar painting tutorial. Chip and JoJo would be proud!