Considering the Intangbiles When Deciding on a New House or Apartment

Moving can be a chaotic experience filled with all sorts of logistical considerations.  As a premier Milwaukee mover, we’ve pretty much seen it all.  But even before you commit to a new house or apartment, it’s important to look at some of the intangible aspects of moving.

First and foremost, Milwaukee is known for its long, cold winters.  This isn’t news.  But certain properties can make the winter a bit more tolerable.  Therefore, it is worth asking:

* Does your apartment complex have a heated garage?  That way you could conceivably spend your whole day in a heated environment – your apartment, the garage, your car, work, and back again.

* If there is street parking, is it plentiful?  Trudging through the snow to your freezing car can get tiresome.

In addition, is the property easily accessible?  I had a friend who lived in a major US city and travelled quite a bit on the weekends.  This person also lived in the heart of the city, so that it took a while to get home, especially with weekend traffic.  Throw in the fact that parking was limited, this friend would always complain about dreading that Sunday night drive home.

No one should have to dread the drive home.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @AMagill via the Creative Commons license.)