Being Grateful and Giving Back During Your Move This Season

There may be no more emotionally challenging time of year to move than the season upon us. What with the holiday traditions you’ll likely have to forego or alter, the weather you’ll combat, or the farewell to seasonal memories in your current home, there’s no doubt that November and December can add difficulties to the already demanding effort that is moving. However, there is good news: shifting the focus of your move is a powerful way to find much to be grateful for! 

Helping Hands

For those friends or family members who offer to help you before, during, or after your move, extend all the season’s gratitude and thanks! Hot chocolate or cider or gingerbread cookies will keep the holiday spirit alive and make them feel appreciated.

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Consider Giving

Think about all the items you pack up during a move but then don’t see for months. Some boxes might sit in a closet or basement for months, packing tape still intact. Instead of going to the trouble of moving your unwanted items, only to have them take up space in your new home, embrace the giving sentiment of the season. Numerous nonprofit organizations offer the option for you to donate your unwanted items before you move to families in need in your community and nation-wide. Check out Beltmann’s giving back programs to see how you can be a part of making someone else’s holiday extra special.

Meal Prep

This time of year alone is enough to get you thinking about delicious meals, but add organizing and unpacking to your list of moving to dos and your appetite will really be worked up. Don’t wait until mealtime to start thinking about your options; you’ll likely be disappointed with something you have to pick up in a hurry. Instead, think picnic style Thanksgiving meal. A little bit of preplanning and you can still ensure you and your loved ones get your fill of turkey (sandwiches?) and your favorite sides.

This season, Beltmann would love to be one of the things you are thankful for! Allow us to make your holiday move as seamless as possible so you can focus on the things that matter.