5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan for Your Upcoming Move

If you haven’t gotten hooked on Pinterest, you are behind the times! is a virtual bulletin board. It’s a website where you create your own boards, and “pin” photos you find online. People use it to “pin” pictures of craft projects, decorating ideas, clothing, wedding inspiration, and so much more. You can follow the pin boards of others, and they can follow you. It’s a social community of ideas.

Before you call a Kansas City mover, check out Pinterest for the ways it can help you as you move:

1. Create a style guide for each room in your new home. Start organizing yourself by creating a board for each room of your home. Then start pinning the ‘look’ and staple accessories or items onto that board, so that you can better visualize how that room will look and feel.

2. Look for creative ways to reuse old furniture. You’ll find ideas such as spray painting old lamps, restyling old chandeliers, recovering an old headboard, and more.

3. Make some new decorations and art for your new home. There are zillions of ideas for making your own works of art under “DIY and Crafts.” From embroidery, to projects that take no skill at all, there will be something that catches your eye.

4. Use the website to help your child pick out the decor for their new room. Create a board for each child and search the web for colors, patterns, and themes they might like. This way you will have a starting point for what to shop for.

5. Search for travel games for the kids to use during the road trip to your new home. There are great ideas such as white boards and quiet books that you can make or buy.

Once you are ready to call a Kansas City mover, you will have many plans made for your new home thanks to Pinterest!

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @qmnonic via the creative common license)