5 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Moving during the holiday isn’t usually ideal, but it can come with some perks – like not moving during the industries busy time, which can mean more competitive pricing and flexibility with delivery schedules. Here are some tips for how to make moving during the holidays a little less hectic.

Designate A Holiday Box

Gather all of your key holiday decorations and holiday hosting items and put them in a designated box or boxes. You may want to put some holiday stickers on the top of them to notify the movers that the Thanksgiving or Christmas items should be placed in an easily accessible area.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious 

This year may not be the year to put up all of your décor. Think about a few key items: a wreath, your ornaments and stockings. Leave the rest in boxes, that way you aren’t dealing with putting your house together and tons of holiday décor. Keeping this year’s decorating to a minimum will help to relieve some stress.

Consider New Traditions

If you are used to hosting large parties or going to certain events in your hometown, this year may need to be a little bit different. Grab a local newspaper or visit your new city’s chamber website to see what holiday events are happening. Plan to try on a new holiday tradition for size – especially one that allows you to get out of the house and experience your new town.

Consider Take Out

Consider having a food delivery service like Hello Fresh or Amazon Fresh deliver your groceries this year. You can even consider take-out at places like Whole Foods or even Bob Evans – that why you can avoid cooking all together.

Go Paper and Plastic

Even if you’re usually environmentally conscious, you may want to consider using paper and plastic this year just to reduce the need to unpack all of your dishes. Make your low-key holiday festive by loading some Pandora holiday channel on your phone, light some candles and enjoy a more simplified meal with your family.