How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

As you are planning a winter move, stress may be high as you try to tackle the holiday season as well as make moving plans. Before you call a Milwaukee mover, make a list of what you’ll do to cut back on stress this holiday season. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Alert family members that you are going to have a simple holiday. This may mean having the big family meal catered, or having a gift exchange instead of getting each person a gift. If you let them know ahead of time, their expectations will be lowered, and you can all focus on family time instead of special preparations.

2. Get some exercise. This is not a time to forget your self-care. Exercise will help you have more energy, and will keep your immune system healthy during cold and flu season.

3. Sleep well. What can you do to improve your sleep? Are you taking your Blackberry to bed with you? Turn it off at a determined time at night and forget about it. Are there worries that you are taking to bed with you? Get a notepad and write them all down as you are falling asleep.

4. Prepare for as many things as you can ahead of time. Get your shopping done online, or go to the stores early, before the crowds. Make a list for groceries you need and get them as soon as you can. Make desserts early and freeze them.

5. Ask for help. Maybe the holiday meal can be a pitch in? Or, delegate the holiday decorating to your spouse and kids, and be happy with how it turns out!

With these ideas and more, you can make the holidays during a move enjoyable. Once you get all your lists made, you can decide on a Milwaukee mover and get your move scheduled.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @slideshow bob via the creative common license)