20 Tips for an Easy Moving Day

Wow, it’s moving day! How did we that time come so quickly?Beltmann Moving and Storage, Change of address checklist

Once you’ve made your plan and planned your work, then moving day can go quite swimmingly. Below you’ll find even more great tips (in no particular order) to help ease your transition into, and out of, the big moving day.

1. Schedule a free donation pick-up to local charities. Purge that heavy furniture and excess clothing.
2. Clean and de-clutter so you have less to move in the first place.
3. Choose a mid-week, mid-month move to help ease the budget.
4. Take pictures of your valuables and fragile goods.
5. Use Post-It notes or different colored Duck tape to color-code your moving boxes.
6. Wrap breakable goods inside bubble wrap or a foam pouch.
7. Build extra time into your budgeted calendar. (In an ideal world, you shouldn’t need to do any packing or shipping on moving day.)
8. Get your car into move-ready shape, especially if it’s an employee relocation or a long-distance move. Check the oil, air in the tires, etc.
9. Transfer your utilities and your mail well in advance.
10. Decide how much to pack on the truck, and how much to ship ahead. Strongly consider using a professional moving company to avoid doing heavy lifting and transport on your own.
11. If you’re moving with children, create an activity bag with snacks and a change of clothing.
12. Get snacks and cash for tipping the movers. (A general rule of thumb is $4-$5 per mover, per hour.)
13. Use vacuum storage bags to cut down on the space you need for heavy blankets and comforters.
14. Use a “one room, one box” guideline to avoid having to empty boxes in multiple rooms.
15. Have plenty of water bottles on hand for the big day.
16. Pack like-items together, when they’re from the same room (assuming you’re not downsizing and there’s no need to combine items after you’ve moved in).
17. Prep some crockpot meals in advance. (This will be especially key when you’re in the final stage of packing the kitchen!)
18. Place sharp knives in potholders — this keeps them from slicing through a box.
19. Use Ziplock bags for packing up a drawer’s similar contents. Then when you arrive in the next home, you just empty the items back into a new drawer.
20. Label your cords so you don’t have to sort them all in the new place.

Your team at Beltmann is always here to make your next move a smooth transition. Contact us anytime if you need extra assistance or would like a free quote today.