Unexpected Fun in Kansas City

Although Dorothy may think Kansas is home, sweet home, those of us who haven’t experience its vast, flatter than a pancake lands, might be skeptical. The winds are mild. The weather is humid, but not deathly so, and the seasons aren’t tepid. What is there to do in this flat-land and surrounding wetlands?

List of things to start exploring:

1. Historical attractions: there are plenty of museums, parks, and battlefields to encounter for those of you who have never seen them before. In particular, Fort Scott National Historic Site is a fun and informative trip to take those history buffs to view the grounds, investigate their upkeep and history.

2. Sedgwick County Zoo: visit the lions, bears, and elephants, with the children, with yourself, or a friend.

3. Museum of World Treasures: with more than 3,000 artifacts, explore the secrets of ancient civilizations, long-lost mummies, and Conquistadors.

4. Starlite Drive-In: indulge in one of the last, American experiences that most states do not offer anymore. Sit back and relax in your car, with your arm around the seat, a shoulder, or a big bag of popcorn, and feel nostalgic as a hit blockbuster blares through your radio and plays out on large screen above.

5. Exploration Place: a state-of-the-art planetarium, observatory, and museum. Explore Kansas’ wildlife, its wetlands, and take part in an archeological dig. Great for children who like to touch and look, as it’s filled with many interactive science exhibits.

Kansas still has its old-fashioned charm and manners, but it is not in the least slow, or boring. It has a wide range of museums, bars, parks, and historical sites to entertain those young and old. Don’t be afraid to explore or investigate each town’s happenings.