Tips for Moving During Back-to-School Time

Beltmann Relocation GroupUndertaking a move alone can be stressful, but add a new school or city into the mix and you may be feeling extra overwhelmed. Some of the busiest months for moving are June-August – so you are not alone. When we counsel families about moving during back-to-school time, here are some things we tell them to ensure they reduce stress surrounding the move.

  1. Plan Ahead: Because it’s one of the busiest times for our industry, it’s important to set your move date super early. If that isn’t an option, be sure to talk about non-negotiables with your moving company. Beltmann can help you come up with some creative options for temporary housing or phased moving approaches if you don’t have time to get into your physical location before school begins. Even though planning ahead is ideal during the summer months, the industry has more flexibility after August, so if you can postpone your move, that may be an option as well.
  2. Organize a Week 1 Box: If back to school activities are going to have you rushing around when you first move into your home, we suggest you pack a week one box that includes things like your kid’s back-packs, school supplies, medical information forms, clothes, shoes, etc. You can either special label the box and explain that it needs to be set apart or you can take it with you in your car. Either way, planning for your first week will help you rest easy knowing you will not need to dig through multiple boxes to find back-to-school stuff.
  3. Budget for Extra Trips: When you think about the stress you feel, consider your kids may be feeling it too…that’s why it’s important to budget for extra trips to your new city so they can get comfortable with the area before back-to-school activities happen. Get them signed-up in clubs or other things of interest before you move, so they can start making some new friends.
  4. Book a School Visit: Before you move, see if the principal can let you take a walk through of the school. Have your kids join and ask questions. Try to walk them through what a normal day will look like. The more you can show them before the move, the more they’ll know what to expect.

Your team at Beltmann is always here to make your next move a smooth transition. Contact us anytime if you need extra assistance.