Tips for Traveling With Pets

If you’re moving across the country, you may hire a Milwaukee mover to drive your belongings to your new home. And while the professionals handle the actual move, you and your family may drive or fly to your new location.

Traveling by plane is by far the fastest way to arrive, but if you have family pets, you might skip a plane ride. But don’t give up on the idea of flying with pets so quickly. Here are three tips to ensure a smooth plane ride.

  • Purchase a suitable pet crate. Comfort is important, especially on long flights. Choose a crate that lets your pet move freely. Some airlines have in-cabin options for smaller pets. Contact your airline carrier to see if this is an option.
  • Limit food and water. To avoid an accident while traveling, do not feed or give your pet water four hours before the scheduled flight.
  • Ask your vet about tranquilizers. Tranquilizers are completely harmless. And if given one, your pet can sleep for the duration of the flight.
(Photo attributed to Flickr member @ozmafan via the Creative Commons license.)