The Easiest Aesthetic Changes to Make in a House

When looking to buy a new home, potential buyers often skip over a treasure simply because they can’t look past aesthetics. Too often, people see ugly carpet or wallpaper and move on to the next house. But remember that if the structure and floorplan meets your needs, most everything else can be changed with relative ease. Below are the top three easiest aesthetic changes you can make to your potential house to make a huge difference after you move in.

1. Changing out the flooring. While flooring can be a rather large expense, there are affordable alternatives that you might not have considered. Instead of opting for the a hardwood, try looking for an engineered laminate flooring. Not only can the laminate flooring be less expensive than hardwoods, they can also be a breeze to install. You don’t have to pull out the sledgehammer and start busting down walls for better vibes. Changing flooring can freshen up the look of a home and make rooms look larger without knocking down walls.

2. Try painting. Painting walls is an easy way to freshen up rooms and make them appear clean and bright. But don’t limit paint jobs to just the walls. Painting worn or older cabinets can give you kitchen a more updated look for a fraction of the price it’d take to replace an entire kitchen of cabinets.

3. Change out the fixtures. There is nothing worse than a gaudy brass chandelier looming over your head as you are eating at your dining room table. If you’re looking to leave the nineties behind (or the eighties…or the seventies!), changing out light fixtures is a relatively cheap and simple way to make a huge impact on your decor.

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