Raking Leaves Made Easy

BeltmannnnFall is upon us, with all it’s beautiful colors and cool weather and…leaves to rake. Your Minneapolis movers will do all the heavy lifting on moving day, but unfortunately they don’t come back and rake your leaves! When fall comes and brings the leaves to the ground, there’s some things that can make life easy. Okay, so maybe “easy” isn’t the right word, but here’s a few tips to make your leaf-raking easier.

Work smarter, not harder. Many cities have a designated day for leaf pickup during the fall, and will allow you to rake them to the curb. Working with two people – one raking the leaves onto a large tarp and one dumping the tarp at the curb – makes for much quicker work than the traditional bagging.

Consider catching the leaves in the lawn mower. If the leaves aren’t so heavy, you could always just throw a bag on the lawn mower and catch them as you go. Or even if the leaves are heavy, have one person rake the big stuff, and another pick up the rest with the mower. Most mowers have a bagging attachment option that can be purchased online or at your local lawn mowing or hardware store.

The wind if your friend! We’ve all tried running or walking into the wind, which can feel a bit like a tractor pull. Raking can be the same, so be sure you’re raking the leaves with the wind, not against it. This is especially important if you’re using a leaf blower.

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