Prepare for These Pricey Incidentals

Despite the saving and preparation of many first-time homebuyers, unexpected costs seem to crop up after closing on a home. It’s no surprise; with so much emphasis put on the down payment, closing costs, and mortgage, the “little” things often get overlooked until they add up and aren’t so little after all. Check out the list below to get a heads up or refresh your memory on the costs that can creep up when it comes to home buying. Beltmann Relocation Group - Moving and Storage Company

Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains, curtain rods- they all add up. Rarely do these items make the move with you to your new home which means they must have a spot on your design budget. Do yourself a favor and count up the number of windows in your new home which will need window treatments and if possible, a price for what you are envisioning. A detail like this can slip through the cracks when you’ve got more exciting and pricier decisions to make like paint colors and new flooring, but your future bank account will thank you for the forethought!

Furniture That “Fits”

That sectional you loved and that worked so well in your previous open concept home just might not make sense in your new sectioned off space. An increase in square footage especially poses a situation in which furniture costs will obviously add up. Even down-sizing may create a design challenge with what you currently own. Assess the differences early on and try picturing your current furniture in your new space.

Outdoor Details

Sometimes the most costly of all, outdoor improvement can come as a real shock to first-time homeowners. A beautiful front porch and deck may have been on your wishlist, but if these spaces are new to you, you’ll be purchasing patio furniture to fill those spaces. Fence installation and landscaping (and the tools and machines needed to keep it all looking good) for example can be thousands of dollars and are costs that should be considered before the big move.

For fair pricing, you can count on and the best service around, be sure to call Beltmann Relocation Group and let us be a part of your move.