Organize your Garage/Shed

One reason the process of moving can feel so daunting is because of the detailed level of organization which must occur, and if you never got certain areas of the home organized to begin with, trying to pack up can feel impossible. If you’re dreaming of how to turn your garage or shed from a clutter magnet into an organizational space which would make even the most Type A person proud, read on for the quickest ways to transform your dream into reality.

Shelving Basics

Avoiding the cobwebs and grime in your storage space starts with getting everything off of the ground when possible. When buying storage shelves, look for ones with legs so you can clean the space underneath the shelving. Also consider open shelving, which encourages you to be more organized (no doors to hide mess behind!) and saves on space since there are no doors you’ll need to reserve clearance for. Using wire shelves might also be a consideration; wire often stands up to the elements better than wood, and wire allows light to pass through, which will keep a traditionally dark space brightened up.

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Creative Storage

You are probably familiar with using peg boards for smaller tools, but getting creative with storage in the garage and shed can free up serious space. Lawn tools are often awkward to store, but long-handled items can be kept up and out of the way with a pallet turned upright and fastened to the wall. Also consider completely freeing up interior space by hanging such items on the outside of the shed or on the doors. Lastly, the idea of ceiling storage isn’t revolutionary, but some products to make such shelving more accessible are! Invest in a ceiling storage lift which uses a pulley system and you won’t have to haul out and climb up a ladder every time you need something from up above. Check out this one from Racor, which is reasonably priced and rated well.


Clearing clutter is a step in the right direction when it comes to a safe outdoor space you can navigate, but there are more things to consider. Sporting equipment like basketballs need to be stored so they’re unable to roll and be the cause of a fall; consider using vertical bungee cords to store sports balls. Likewise, any type of cord or hose should be properly wound and stored. Buckets mounted sideways provide a place to wind cords and an open area to store small attachments.

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures by getting out and organizing your garage and shed. Whether the move is close at hand or still a ways down the road, your tidy space will make your space more enjoyable and usable now.