Moving with Fish

Beltmann Relocation Group

Depending on the size and type of fish in your aquarium, you might need to take your fish out and keep them in smaller bags for a move. The biggest danger to moving the entire glass aquarium is, obviously, breaking the glass. So preventing this from happening is crucial to a successful move with fish.


Tropical fish have a harder time with temperature and water changes. A leak-proof container such as a Styrofoam cooler is a great way to transport fish. Empty out half the water into your transportation container. And remember fish do need some air, so try to open the lid every couple of hours to make sure your fish get plenty of it!


Don’t worry about feeding your fish during you move, they can survive many days without food and it will be one less thing you will have to remember. If you’re worried about your fish eating, don’t overfeed because you won’t have any filtering system in your traveling container. Also keep in mind not to over pack your fish in the traveling container. If your fish are kept in an overcrowded container for too long, the acidity of the water might lead to dead fish.


When you finally reach your new home and have your Ft. Lauderdale movers unpacking all your belongings, make sure to unpack your fish right away. Test your water frequently and adjust to the new water’s chemical composition. Then sit back and enjoy your new home!


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