Easy Rules for an Inviting Home

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Making a home that feels welcoming and delightful to friends and family alike is a noble goal — one that will make It a more “enjoyable, memorable, and inviting space for you, your family, and friends,” according to Susan R. Stevens from the home decor website


Whether you wish to stay in your house for many years or have a plan to move soon, there are several factors on Stevens’ list of “8 Rules for an Inviting Home.” This list of valuable hints incorporates everything from a few simple updates to a total re-design. Let’s take a look at some of her relatively simple, do-able tips for making a house truly feel like a home.


Rule Number 1: Create instant curb appeal.

Think about the first impression that guests will have from the outside of your home. Adding some form of symmetry can help create a tailored and cohesive look. For example, try matching tall planters on a front porch and freshly trimmed evergreens in your landscape, paired with a high-impact and colorful welcome mat.


Rule Number 2: Create a welcoming spot for visitors.

One of the top priorities for an entryway is to minimize clutter and make the front of the house inviting. Think cozy corner with a luxury feel, layers of cushions, well-proportioned furniture, and aesthetically pleasing. This space often leads to multiple rooms in the home, so a clean look is certainly worth creating as it sets the tone for the rest of the home.


Rule Number 4: Arrange your seating for conversation.

Where you place your largest seating matters when it comes to helping guests to feel like they’re in a suitable place for conversations. And remember, durable fabric matters. Try odd numbers of chairs as well, which tends to help guests who come alone to have a naturally paired conversation partner.


Rule Number 6: Add delightful decorative moments.

Open shelving can help incorporate decorative touches, especially when you add collections or decorate with ceramics, recipe books, or plants. Since the kitchen is oftentimes the central focal point of the home to gather and celebrate, open displays on floating shelves can lend a more relaxed, welcoming vibe.


Rule 8: Add plant life to your home.

Try placing some inviting plants to help bring the outdoors inside. If faux perennials aren’t your thing, you might want to consider treating yourself to some seasonal fresh flowers displayed in a pretty vase or jug.


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