Creative Dates in the Bay Area

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One of the best parts about moving to a city like San Francisco is that it’s a compilation of cultures and ideas. This can make for some very creative dates to impress your loved one during the Valentine’s Day season. If you find yourself racking your brain for a creative date in the Bay Area, try out a few of these ideas.


Brunch in Sausalito

When the old dinner and a movie doesn’t cut it, try doing brunch instead. Even better, take a ferry to go to brunch and be a little more adventurous. Start off your date by grabbing some coffee at the Ferry Building as you wait for your ferry to pull in to take you to Sausalito. What’s in Sausalito, you ask? Lots of little cafes and cute restaurants where you can grab some brunch and then stroll around the waterfront scenery.


Musee Mechanique

This tourist attraction is one of those places that you might want to check out even when you aren’t a tourist. The best part about taking your date to this penny arcade is the fact that you have something more to do than talk. If you’re on a first date, this could definitely come in handy. To complete your San-Fran date, hop on a cable car and travel over the hill to Union Square to grab a bite to eat.


The Tonga Room

A landmark since 1945, The Tonga Room is one of the most unique experiences you can come by. You can watch a band play on top of a floating stage, listen to fake thunderstorms rolling in the background (uber-romantic!), and sip on a Tiki drink from the Hurricane Bar. Explore Chinatown after the Tonga Room for some bonus date night points.


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