Best Summer Bucket List When You’ve Just Moved

Summer is here which means everyone is going to get at least one good sunburn, a few bug bites, soggy from lake or pool water and sticky from popsicles.

If you’ve just moved, your bucket list should be a bit different than summers past. Here some ideas for how to make the most out of the first summer at your new home.

  • Go on a picnic at a local park
  • Go on a hike through a nature preserve
  • Read a book in your new front porch
  • Have brunch at a new restaurant
  • Watch the sunset at the top of a building in the city
  • See an outdoor movie
  • Go fruit picking at a local farm
  • Pick up a new hobby or enjoy a round of golf
  • Find the festival guide and go to a few
  • Go to an outdoor concert
  • Go to the farmer’s market and buy some local crafts and produce
  • Take a bike ride around your new neighborhood
  • Take a tour at a local brewery
  • Take a drive in the suburbs or country
  • Make a special place outdoors to hang out
  • Eat breakfast al fresco
  • Go get ice cream at a local shop

Summer is the best time to taste, listen and experience the sights and sounds of your new city. Enjoy the weather and do new things outside as much as you can. This list will help you to not only enjoy your summer, but get to know your city in a personal and real way.