5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Spouse Find a Job

Beltmann5If you’re uprooting your family for a job, you might be struggling to find a perfect fit for your spouse or partner. As a nationwide moving company, we see this happen on a daily basis and have worked with the experts at IOVMedia to suggest the top ways people are using LinkedIn to help their spouse find a job and here’s the round-up (please forward it along to them).

  1. Profile Makeover is a MUST:
    You can scroll down to the rest of our tips, but if you don’t get #1 right, it will all be in vain. So, first things first – be sure you follows a basic list of things that need to be updated in order for your profile to be found. Why not let your profile work for you, instead of the other way around? Sprucing up your profile also ensures prospective companies get the best version of your experience when they (inevitably) research you online.
  2. ABC: Always Be Connecting
    Your network is only as good as its numbers. It’s important to reach out to past colleagues, alumni, friends and family – connect with them online. It’s important to connect with people that you actually “know” – it’s not going to be helpful if you can’t ask these connections for referrals or endorsements. You can add connections by going to “Network” – “People You May Know” or by going to “Network” – “Add Connections” and then connecting to your e-mail platform.
  3. Keyword Your Profile (Naturally)
    What jobs are you looking for? Are there certain terms recruiters might be using to look for candidates? Be sure to include them in your headline, experience, and summary portion of your profile under “specialties” or within your “skills” section.
  4. Be a Thought Leader
    Post, share and/or write about things that are hot trends in your industry. Stay sharp by following other influencers. Join conversations around topics that are important to your network.
  5. Look for Connections
    When you find a job and want to apply, log into LinkedIn and search for the HR manager or a contact that you might know in that company. By having a large network, you’ll be able to have a better chance at having a 2nd degree connection, which would allow you to ask your connection for an introduction, which may lead to a job.