4 Tips to Make Your Move a Breeze

Not many relish the idea of moving day organization, but setting yourself up for success is easier than you might think and can mean a lot less stress once moving day arrives.

Out with the old. If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in a year, why give yourself more to pack and unpack? Donate before moving day! A great tip for closet organization once you get into your new home: turn all hangers facing one way. Once you wear the piece of clothing on a hanger, flip it around. After 6 months or a year, donate any clothing left on the originally positioned hangers! Beltmann Relocation Group

Get creative. If you plan to do your own packing before the movers arrive, paper ream boxes make the perfect packing partners- they are sturdy, already have handle holds, and come with their own snug lids. Additionally, before purchasing or locating boxes, assess what you already own that can serve the same purpose. Utilize crock pots to transport smaller kitchen utensils, spices, or dish towels, waste bins to transport cleaning supplies, and laundry baskets to hold linens.

Not everything needs a box. Certain items can be transported just like you have them in your home now. Utilize cling wrap for things like silverware trays; once you get to your new location, the wrap comes off and voila- one item is unpacked in seconds and can slide right into its new drawer. (Pro tip: You can also use cling wrap underneath toiletry bottle lids to help ensure a dry transport). When foregoing boxes, remember to avoid utilizing tape directly on your belongings, as sticky, difficult to remove residue can be a headache to clean up.

Home sweet home. Once you arrive, make your bed! The last thing you are going to want to do at the end of a day of moving and unpacking is to find the fitted sheets and stuff pillows into their cases, so make that the first thing you do when you enter your new home. Grab that laundry basket that has your fresh linens (you followed that tip, right?) and set up and make your bed before any other room gets tackled. After all of your hard work, you can fall into your clean bed and feel like the moving-pro you are! And if you want before, during, and after your move to go as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to call us for all of your moving needs!