4 Tips For Organizing Your Stuff Before You Move

Woman Cleaning View From Inside Refrigerator

Moving to a new city can be a confusing and worrisome time for just about everyone. However, by making a few quick organizational choices before you pack up and hit your new home, you can save yourself plenty of headaches.

Take Only What You Need

If you have a ton of excess stuff in storage or in a garage, maybe it is time to part ways with it. After all, you haven’t used that sewing machine in years and it is starting to collect dust. Maybe you have an entertainment center that is way too big for the new place. Either way, if you have a bunch of stuff that you want to leave behind, you can either donate it to the local thrift store or plan for a yard sale. Donations are tax deductible and a yard sale can nab you a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Photograph Your Stuff

Make sure you photograph all of your things before they are packed up and shipped to your new place. That way, when you get to the new house, you can reorganize with a visual reference. It also helps other people to know where you want your things if they are helping you unpack.

Finish Off Your Fridge

Like most people, you probably have an excess of things piled up in your refrigerator and freezer. Instead of trying to transport that stuff, try to get it all eaten before you move. If it is a lot of stuff, you can throw a party and cook as much of it as you can. Your friends will appreciate the food, and you will be more than happy to not have to take all of those groceries with you. Also, try to taper off your grocery purchases as you near your move so you don’t have to waste a lot of stuff.

Don’t Be Afraid of Storage

If you are downsizing, but still have stuff you want to hold onto that doesn’t fit into your new home, ask Beltmann for help with your storage needs. Taking it with you and storing it works out to be a lot cheaper than storing it in your old town and having to come back to get it later.

Hiring the right people can make the world of difference. And if you are moving to Atlanta, Beltmann Relocation Group is the choice for you!