3 Tips for a Quick Sale

Depending on where you live, it can take several months to sell your home. This creates a huge problem, especially if you’re eager to sell your property and move on. You might have a Milwaukee mover on standby. Additionally, you may have located the perfect house for your family.

If you want to move sooner rather than later, here are three tips to sell your house quicker.

  • Move out your stuff. Even if your home is a nice size, too much stuff gives the illusion of a smaller space. This can turn off potential buyers. Rent a storage unit on a temporary basis and move out extra large furniture and clutter. This helps the house appear cleaner and bigger.
  • Be fair with the price. Everyone wants the most money for their houses, but be realistic. Pricing your house as little as $5,000 over similar homes in the area can prolong the sale. Work with a realtor. This professional can provide comparative sales and help you select the best price.
  • Give buyer incentives. Homebuyers love freebies, and the more you toss in, the better your chances of selling the property. You might offer to pay a percentage of their closing costs, make a few upgrades or purchase new appliances.