How to Easily Host Thanksgiving In Your New Home

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you’ve been asked the question, “do you mind hosting thanksgiving?” Although, you knee-jerk reaction is to graciously decline the request – you might want to consider how you could pull it off in an easy, no-mess-kind-of-way.

Outsource: Let’s just get this out of the way – in order to do this, you may need to shed the desire for perfection. You may need to get very realistic with your time and continuously remind yourself that the most important part of the holiday is for everyone to physically get together – this is not a demonstration for how Martha Stewart-like you are. So, get over that. Also, be smart about the turkey. Places like Whole Foods and Publix will actually cook the bird for you. Just be sure you order ahead of time and you can mark that big task off of your list.

Pitch-In: Do not feel an ounce of guilt when you ask Aunt Martha to bring a side dish. Be ready to have the conversation before you start inviting family. Make a list of things you need: dessert, sides (be specific – vegetables vs. starches), appetizers, drinks, etc. As people RSVP, ask them to bring a dish. Most people are completely grateful to be invited and will not think twice about bringing something to share.

Go Simple: Do not get too crazy with décor. Reuse the pumpkins from Halloween. Buy colorful fall paper napkins, paper plates and throwaway cups and utensils. Light some candles or use electric ones. Put some candy corn in jars or acorns in glass candleholders. Don’t over think the ambiance. 

Make the Conversation Meaningful: And because we all agreed, that the point of this day is to connect with family – why not start a new tradition. As everyone to go around the room and say one thing they are thankful for this year. You may be surprised by what you learn about your family.

Enjoy Yourself: This goes without saying, but is sometimes its the most difficult thing to do. Really try to be in the moment and enjoy yourself. Plan ahead so you aren’t too busy when everyone arrive. As your house becomes a mess, try to save the cleaning until later. Sit, relax and try to enjoy the holiday.

At Beltmann, we completely understand how the holidays can be a stressful time after you move. That’s why, as your favorite global moving company, we are committed to offering tips for how to make life as easy as possible. We hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday with your family.