Top 3 Ways Our Partnership with Go North Habitat Will Make Your Move Better

Beltmann5Beltmann Relocation has partnered up with Habitat for Humanity ReStores Donation program. The ReStores program helps to keep their resale outlets stocked with merchandise so that Habitat for Humanity can stay focused on what they do best – building homes. The Go North Habitat for Humanity ReStore donation program has specifically partnered up with the moving industry so that people who are moving have the opportunity to donate unwanted, gently used items to a local Habitat ReStore. The donated items are then used either in a new Habitat home or sold — with the proceeds going to fund more homes in your local community.

So, here’s how it works:

  1. You notify your moving consultant and let them know that you would like to participate in the program during your in home estimate
  2. The consultant will give you a donation inventory form
  3. You fill it out before your move date
  4. You place donation stickers on the items that you would like to donate
  5. You give the donation form to your mover on the move day or you can e-mail it to your coordinator
  6. You keep a copy for taxes
  7. Beltmann will deliver your donation to your local Habitat ReStore

Here are the top 3 ways this makes your move better:

  1. You move will be less expensive: By getting rid of unwanted items pre-move, you will pay less, because you will be moving less.
  2. You can get a tax deduction: By donating items you will be eligible for a tax dedication.
  3. It can save you a trip and the hassle: With our easy system you just put stickers on the items you want donated, no loading/unloading or hassle.

Not to mention you will be helping your community along the way. For more information, please visit: