Beltmann, Your Farmers Branch & Dallas, TX Full Service Movers, Offer These International Moving Tips

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If the time has come for you to move to another country as a result of a military transfer or job relocation, one of the many things you must deal with, is customs in your new country. If this is your first time dealing with customs, you are likely to find the whole process more than just a little confusing. Here at Beltmann Moving and Storage, we have been dealing with customs for decades. We know how to make taking your household goods through customs simple. We know what can and cannot be taken into almost any country in the world. As your local full service movers, we offer a few moving and packing tips.

Making It Through Customs

Having your household goods make it through customs is perhaps the most important part of your move. Customs and Immigration agents are government employees and see thousands of people every day; they have mere seconds to determine whether a person is trying to sneak things they shouldn’t be or trying to enter illegally. These tips from your full service movers at Beltmann should help make the process go smoothly.

Useful Tips for Your International Move

All full service movers say you should make several copies of everyone’s passports and place them in several strategic spots, like your household goods, separate carry-on, and stowed bags. You may be able to use these just long enough to find the U.S. Consulate to order replacements.

The never pack list includes fruit, flowers, vegetables, and any other type of living plant in your household goods or your baggage. The majority of countries do not allow items like these to be brought in from outside or shipped outside from within. Penalties can include fines and more.

Be sure you take care of all necessary customs and immigration paperwork ahead of time. Be sure you stay in touch with your move coordinator. We stay abreast of the latest changes in customs laws and can help make sure you have everything filled out correctly.

If you have anything you are not sure you should pack, the safest thing to do is leave it behind. But if you are packing it, be sure you list the item on your customs forms. This way if it is illegal, customs will see have declared it and dispose of it. On the other hand, if it is legal, then it will simply pass through with the rest of your goods.

At Beltmann Moving and Storage in Dallas, as your full service movers, we understand how challenging moving out to the country can be. For more help and information, contact us at (214) 856-0095 and let us take the worry out of your move.